Samuel Chan

Premier Financial Consultant

RH Group

I am a Wealth Strategist in a leading financial institution in Singapore. For some time now, I have helped many people with their wealth planning, especially families with children. With my proprietary strategies and advice, they now have clarity and take better control over their financial future.

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Samuel Chan

AIA Premier Consultant

I believe that with the right strategies, parents deserve to live a life they truly desire upon retirement while providing the best education possible for their children.



I'm part of the 10% of FSC in AIA to be selected to be an AIA Premier Consultant.

I achieved TOP FSC in my district. Further showing my dedication & hard work to serve my clients in the years to come

I am at the same life stages as most of my clients.

Part of a High Performing Team

I'm supported by a team of like-minded colleagues who are passionate about serving clients in claims, portfolio optimization, consolidation and proper financial planning.

Friends, Families and New Friends I made in this career...

I trusted Samuel as my financial advisor because he will try to understand my profile and plans first before recommending the policies. 

He will not oversell the policies and will make sure the plan is suitable and affordable for me. Samuel’s explanation of the polices were clear and easy to understand (layman terms). 

He is very meticulous in terms of making sure I understand the policies & ensuring all documentation were signed and verified.

- Joseph Chan

I have known Sam for about nine years now, and he's the kind of friend that you can rely on. When he told me that he is into the insurance industry, I didn't hesitate to buy from him. I knew that I could count on him. 

What moved me was when he told me the reason why he decided to sell insurance - it was because he is passionate about helping people. I can see his passion, primarily when he uses his creative skills to help us understand the different types of insurance plans. 

Also, he doesn't force you to buy - he will always recommend us to buy within our means, and he is consistent in keeping me up to date with any changes to my policy. Keep it up, Sam!

- Cheryl Lim

and many more...

Samuel has been a dear friend to us even before we started buying insurances from him. When my wife is pregnant with our first child, he has being very helpful in advice and getting us ready for our first child.

Then when the baby is born. He humbly asks for a chance to work on our child plans. 

This is the part which I felt caught my attention. In contrast, most agents who called me up is pushy and became rude once I reject their offer. Samuel just made me felt comfortable from the way he asked me for this chance, respecting our decisions... Thus I gave him the opportunity.

Samuel’s explanation is clear, informative and because he’s even able to help us compare between companies, we rest assured and sign up on the spot. 

- Ben Koh

I was referred to Samuel by my friend, who would rarely recommend people unless she knows it’s okay. 

As a seasoned investor myself, Samuel was able to still teach me a thing or two on investment and open up my mind on a few exciting mindset/concept.

Thank you, Samuel.

- Melvin

Initially knowing Samuel as a usual friend from church. I did not know him very well initially. However, it was one fine day that he asked to meet up for some sharing on financial planning and management. Out of curiosity about what he could offer, I just agreed to meet him for the session. 

The reason why I entrusted him to be my financial planner is that he knows his work well, and he shows sincerity in giving you the optimal financial advice that you ever need. Especially if you are in your 20s' whereby you have no clue on how to manage your money more efficiently). 

Moreover, he is a constant learner, too; therefore, you will never miss out on the latest updates that AIA has offered. 

Last but not least, he practises professionalism in dealing with the questions that you might have in regards to managing your personal finance. So yeah, choose him to be your financial advisor today!

- James Wong

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